2017: A year in focus

The NCEES vision and mission outline the path for the organization—not only where it is going but how it will get there. The organization’s initiatives to advance licensure propel it in a variety of directions, all concentrated on a central focus of safeguarding the health, safety, and welfare of the public.

This annual report highlights the contributions of NCEES’ member licensing boards, exam development volunteers, educators, professional engineers and surveyors, and other professional organizations. Together they are committed to upholding the public’s well-being, setting a clear vision for the organization today and in the future.

From the President

The 70 member licensing boards of NCEES work independently to safeguard the public in their respective states and territories. Their work takes them in unique directions, but they come together through NCEES to focus on the central goal of advancing licensure for engineers and surveyors.

For 97 years, NCEES has focused on advancing licensure in order to protect the public health, safety, and welfare. NCEES has adapted and evolved throughout its history, always rising to meet the demands and challenges of each era.

From the Chief Executive Officer

What you focus on is what you care about. Since 1920, NCEES has been committed to advancing licensure for engineers and surveyors. Through its leadership and support, it facilitates the work of its member boards, sponsors outreach initiatives to promote the professions of engineering and surveying and promote the value of licensure, and collaborates with other organizations to advance licensure throughout the United States.

Much of our focus at NCEES headquarters is on supporting our member boards. We completed the first year of using the new customer management system, which we call E3, in June 2017. The new system provides boards and licensees with access to improved and expanded NCEES services, all within a single online platform.

Computer-based testing (CBT) has been another large focus area, both in terms of promoting and maintaining current CBT exams and working toward the transition of other exams to CBT. We were excited to introduce the first computer-based professional exam—Principles and Practice of Surveying—in October 2016, and we are continuing to work with our exam development volunteers to transition the Principles and Practice of Engineering exams to CBT.

The work of NCEES is possible because of our volunteers. Members and staff of licensing boards form the membership of NCEES standing committees and task forces as well as zone and national leadership. Others, along with professional engineers and surveyors from across the country, volunteer to serve on exam development committees or participate in outreach activities. We thank these dedicated professionals for their commitment. What they have accomplished through their shared focus is remarkable, and together they will continue to make the professions of engineering and surveying even stronger in the future.